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WIN discovered me.

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Cool running products are often discovered through a mutual running friend, running product reviews or perhaps a race expo. In 2012, WIN came calling in the form of a job offering. I was searching for a new career opportunity when the owner of WIN asked if I would come work for him. What I discovered was an amazing product that few runners new existed but many of us had a whiff of what we needed! WIN is a scientifically formulated laundry detergent that washes away that funky odor in our sweaty technical running gear. I’ve tried many other products in my testing of sports detergents over several years and no other detergent matches the success of WIN. Love the scent and it has the coolest name. Who knew laundry detergent could be so hip!

WIN Sports Detergent

Direct link to purchase on Amazon:

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