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From the Mile to the Marathon, there’s a program for you! The Personal Training Program is for any runner—from the beginner level to the more advanced athlete—looking for a smart training program for a personal best performance. The personal training is designed to target your specific race distance and goal time with 8, 12, 16 and 20 week programs offerings. 

If you are looking for more than a training program to achieve your best performance, the 1:1 Personal Coaching will give you the precise and expert training guidance and racing advice to help you reach your optimal performance. The 1:1 Personal Coaching includes individual monthly meetings either in person or by video calls to discuss your personalized training plan and guide you to your race goals. 

My Specialized Training Programs are for advanced and seasoned athletes. If you are looking to run a faster qualifying time for the Boston Marathon®, qualify for the Olympic Trials or National Championship competitions or if you are a seasoned Master athlete looking to be at the top of your age category, my programs will help you reach a new level of success.


Find your Road to a Personal Best
Personal Training Programs
$250 per 12 week program
  • Mile to the Marathon distances     

  • 8 to 20 week training programs

  • Beginner to the Advanced levels 

  • Monthly email from the Coach

  • Smart training & racing tips

    My programs are perfect for runners wanting a smart training plan designed for a personal best performance.

1:1 Personal Coaching
$175 per month
  • 1:1 monthly meeting with the Coach 

  • Custom designed training program 

  • Specialized training program options

  • Strength & conditioning training plan

  • Smart race planning and review

    My 1:1 coaching gives you the personal training advice to become a better athlete and faster runner.

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Specialized Training Programs
$175 per month
  • Faster BQ! Advanced training program to run your best BQ marathon

  • OTQ: Elite Development program for athletes training to qualify for the  Olympic Team Trials

  • The Masters Athlete: Program designed specifically for the competitive Masters athlete

If you have questions about which program is best for you
or any other training questions, connect with me here! 








SELECT: Choose a training program: either the Personal Training Program, the 1:1 Personal Coach or a Specialized Training Programs


Click START! You will be directed to fill out an email survey with your training history and race goals.  


FREE CONSULTATION: You will receive an email confirmation from the Coach within 48 hours with the program details and to set up a free phone consultation. 


PAYMENT: After confirming the training program best suited for your race goals, I will set up a payment option with you. 

FINISH! A Personal Training Program will be designed and shared with you by email OR a 1:1 Personal Coaching plan will begin with an invite to meet with the Coach either in person (local to the Boston-area) or by a video call.


Faster BQ!
Advanced BQ training programs to run your best Boston Marathon®


Since 2014, qualifying for the Boston Marathon® has become harder with the cut-off time faster than the qualifying standards. To guarantee your entry into the most prestigious marathon, you need to target a BQ that is several minutes faster than their age and gender. My Faster BQ training will target your BQ goal time with a program designed by qualifying standards for age and gender with training specific to your goal marathon course. ​

Elite Development program for athletes hoping to qualify for the USA Olympic Trials 


Since 2016, I have coached elite level athletes to qualify and compete in the Olympic Team Trials Marathon. In 2020, several athletes that I have coached competed in the OTM in Atlanta, GA. If you have the talent and were inspired to train and qualify for the next Olympic Trials in 2024 or other National Championship level competitions, I will coach you to reach your potential through smart, progressive training and even smarter racing strategies to achieve for your best!

The Masters Athlete:
Program designed specifically for the competitive Masters level athlete 


As runners age up they can continue to run fast and compete well against others within their respective age categories. The top Masters continue to perform at a high level by slowing the rate of decline in their training and racing pace. However many Masters fall into a cycle of reoccuring injuries or hit a training plateau by not adjusting their training as they age up. My Masters level training program will help you achieve age group success and longevity of healthy running.

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