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Good Reads

While many know me as a competitive runner, few know me as a creative writer. Second to my running, writing is a passion of mine. Oftentimes my writing ideas come to me on the run. My favorite time to run is half past sunset when the day is winding down and darkness is creeping in. Lost in my rhythmic breathing and the metronome of my foot strike, ideas for stories seem to float above my head like a Muse in stride with me. Most of my stories on the run become fleeting thoughts and disappear at the end of the run as I walk in the door and fall back into the normal routine of life. Other times, the story ideas circulate my mind and take form as a piece of writing. In this section, I will share my running stories throughout the year. I hope you find them a good read!

Good Eats

You are what you eat. A few years ago I was listening to a sports nutritionist and professional runner talk at a training clinic. She made the statement that statistically 80% of your body weight is determined by what you eat. The other 20% of your body weight is pre-determined by who you are, genetically speaking. Eating healthy is critical to proper fueling and recovery for the runner during training and racing. In this section, I share with you some of my favorite meals, some shared from my talented wife who is also is an amazing runner and baker, and some that I have discovered on my own. While some recipes are super healthy, others are just fun to eat when a craving happens. We all have our vices, just keep them in moderation for a healthy balance of eating and living well. Try one of these delicious recipes and tell me what you think!

Good Products

Discovering and sharing exciting new products is a common conversation topics with friends on a run. Ambassadors of products help small companies with cool products get started and be successful. Oftentimes, cool running products are created by runners for runners. In this section, I want to share with my readers good products that I love to use with my training, coaching and everyday life. Check them out and give some love to these great products!

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